Mission Statement:
"Lead and collaborate with our members, partners, and community to promote and enhance downtown Walnut Creek."

Walnut Creek Downtown is an association made up of every business and property owner within the borders of the city’s downtown Business Improvement District. Its more than nearly 650 members include restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and service providers. Each pays a membership fee based on the square footage of the space where it is located. Businesses outside the downtown area may join as associate members.

The organization’s mission is to work with its members, partners and community to promote and enhance downtown business vitality. We do this in four main areas:

  • Beautification - Ensuring that Walnut Creek's downtown is safe, clean, and inviting.
  • Marketing - Create, promote, and enhance the downtown experience.
  • Events - Produce special events to bring more people downtown.
  • Advocacy - Provide a unified voice to represent and promote the shared needs and concerns of the downtown.

How we operate:
Walnut Creek Downtown is managed by a full-time executive director and staff, along with a board of directors and various committees, the meetings of which are open to the public.

Walnut Creek Downtown is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

501(c)6 is for business leagues: chambers of commerce, real estate boards, and professional football leagues. Donations are NOT tax deductible, but they have more freedom to engage in political activities (though specifically lobbying for a particular candidate is forbidden).

501(c)3 is for charities, arts organizations, and other groups in the public interest. They're exempt from taxes but they are limited in the kinds of political operations they can perform. And money you give them is tax deductible. They're not allowed to lobby the government; they're supposed to spend their money helping people.


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