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Walnut Creek Downtown’s 2018 Community Service Day project coordinated community artwork featured on the downtown’s 40 Big Belly waste bins.

WCD conducted a public artist call to gather artwork to be displayed in frames (31 7/16” w x 45” h) attached to the sides of the Big Belly’s as well as the back of the paired units, if logical. Artists were encouraged to incorporate recycling messages into their colorful creations as the newest addition to the City’s public art program. This project was funded by Contra Costa County’s Solid Waste Authority’s Recycle Smart program.

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Who selected the artists? 
A jury comprised of Walnut Creek Downtown staff, City staff, current &/or present Art Commissioners, and 1-2 downtown business owners/managers.

How long will the art be on display? 
Minimum of 1 year, maximum of 3 years.

Current Utility Box Art Installations

The City of Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Downtown collaborated recently to add artistic flair to our core downtown. Artwork from selected artists was transferred to vinyl wraps and adhered to the utility boxes during Community Service Day.

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