Broadway Plaza Expands

Broadway Plaza Is Having Some Work Done!

Over the next few years, the 62-year-old shopping center will be making some changes, including the addition of new retail, expanded parking, enhanced pedestrian spaces, and better traffic access. Broadway Plaza is an important resource for the Walnut Creek community, which is why
we are investing to enhance its appeal for local residents, visitors, shoppers and retailers over many
years to come.

With traffic always a high concern for Walnut Creekresidents, improving access and parking is top of the list in terms of priority. And enhanced pedestrianareas will also contribute to something in high-demand: maintaining the charm and appeal of Broadway Plaza.

The convenience and experience of our guests is our highest priority during these upgrades. Stores remain open, plenty of parking will be available, Broadway Plaza Street will remain open, and we’ll have Roving Ambassadors available throughout the property to ensure our guests receive the service they have become accustomed to and deserve.

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